What is lead generation software ?

What is lead generation software? Lead generation software is a platform that will help you automatically generate and collect leads from specific channels and route the collected leads to sales or marketing teams for conversion.For instance, landing page-focused lead generation software.

Small business owners are always looking for the most efficient ways to find new business leads.Lead generation falls into two main categories: outbound lead generation (cold calls, direct mail, advertising and e-mail marketing) and inbound lead generation (SEO, social media, PPC).

Here are topics you need to research for your business so you can decide which types of lead generation are best for you:

1) What kind of customers are you trying to reach?

Are your customers using social media to find you?
Social media is great for B2C products and services, but it may not be the right for many B2B product categories

2) Are buyers searching for you?

In general, there are certain products and services that buyers shop for online and others that they don’t. Amazon is a great example and this is where inbound lead generation techniques like SEO and social media works better. But for business owners looking for a specific service or product that is not Google searchable, using a lead generation software like Marketo or Rubedo.ai will help you find that customer.

3) How do you want to allocate your marketing budget– “paid” media or “owned” media?

With traditional outbound lead generation, you have to pay every time you market your business – whether it’s buying a mailing list to send direct mail or whether it’s buying an advertisement or Pay-per-click ad campaign. These types of advertising are “paid media” – you pay to play, so to speak. With inbound lead generation, you also have to invest money and/or time setting up your website, writing website content, and building an audience on social media.

Gregg Schwartz is the Vice President of Sales at Strategic Sales & Marketing, one of the industry-founding lead generation companies

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